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Ansco Engineering

ANSCO Engineering Ltd, is a privately owned and operated manufacturing Company based in Nelson, New Zealand. For over 40 years ANSCO has been supplying customers around the world with innovative Food processing equipment with an emphasis on performance, reliability and quality.

ANSCO are world leaders in exporting unique solutions for the Aquaculture industry, both on the Farm and Land based processing facilities. Equipment has been commissioned in Australia, USA, United Kingdom, Indonesia, Pacific islands, Turkey, Bulgaria and South America. Our expertise, Design capabilities, and Innovations are respected throughout the industry and around the world.

Our contribution to the Heroic exploits of David Puklowski (CFAM adventure), is to provide engineering Consultation, Design and Fabrication services for the initial fit out of the ‘Dinghy’. ANSCO are also supplying two staff members to provide 24/7 on hand support and encouragement during the expedition.

Aquaflow Pools

Brazen Composites

Bright Sparks Electrical

Century Batteries


Creativity, innovation and team work drive is what drives DroneMate. Whether its aerial film work or 3D mapping this groups brings its talents together to provide a completely customized experience to the clients. This group has evolved with the modern revolution in UAV technology and we sit proudly at the forefront of the technology and its applications.

UAV operations are what we do but at the end of the day we are providing unique services that completely differ from client to client. This is not “Death Hawk Aerial” we are “DroneMate” – we will be there to help you with your projects just like any of your other Mates would.

FilterMaster Pool and Spa Equipment

Fluid Electronics

Lowrance Marine Electronics

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NPD Fuels

Parsun Outboards

Hurricane Products are proud to be the sole importer into NZ for Parsun Outboards. We have imported Parsun for the past 10 years and Parsun are going from strength to strength. With our competitive pricing, three year warranty and dealer network throughout NZ this makes Parun great buying. Go to our webpage www.outboard-motors.co.nz for a Parsun dealer in your area.


Sports Nelson Tasman Trust

Sports Nelson Tasman Trust is a registered nonprofit Charitable Trust established in August 2012. The purpose of the Trust is to promote sport and the benefits of physical well-being to the people of the Nelson Tasman region. Healthy people make for a happier and healthier community.

The Trust financially assists individuals and small teams who may otherwise not be able to participate because of financial hardship. Funding from the Trust is intended to assist in a tangible way, allowing sports people of all ages to train, compete, and participate in all levels of sport.

SSL Distributors

Summit Real Estate

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